Strategy and Development

We specialize in working with clients who are tired of unimaginative and predictable “cookie-cutter” PR campaigns, and eager for a fresh approach on how to capture the interest of their desired audience. For many clients, it’s more effective to bring in someone from the outside to generate a plan of action. Whether you’re launching a new service or product or wish to reinvigorate an existing brand, we can create an innovative, exciting publicity and promotional strategy that is both practical and powerful.

Though our consulting base varies greatly from large corporations and small businesses, to non-profit foundations and individual entrepreneurs, we typically work with clients in four phases.

Phase One is the information gathering and assessment stage during which we interview the client and his/her designees to obtain a comprehensive picture of the project and all its components.

In Phase Two, we assimilate the information, determine the best strategy to engage the target audience, and then provide a verbal and written memo outlining our recommendations. Once the client signs off on our over-all vision, we then develop and create the marketing, publicity and promotional plan of action.

Phase Three, we generate the written materials for the campaign, including the press kit pieces, sales tip sheets, among other necessary documents.

Phase Four, we help the client determine the most efficient way to implement our plan, whether it’s retaining an outside public relations firm, hiring a free-lance associate, training in-house staff, or doing it themselves. If the client ops for an outside PR firm or free-lance publicist, we will help vet potential candidates, assist the client in making the right choice, and facilitate a smooth transition. Should the client decide to use in-house staff or do it him/herself, for a separate fee, we will come in and train the staff and/or client on campaign execution.

Often, clients will want The Jodee Blanco Group to extend the terms of our consulting agreement and stay on board in an advisory capacity, doing conference calls at regular intervals to trouble-shoot, monitor progress, and offer helpful advice.