We understand that when a publisher comes to us for help, they’re typically looking for an infusion of knowledge that can be immediately and efficiently incorporated into their day to day activities with an imminent impact on the bottom line. Whether you’re a start-up publisher, a company interested in opening its own publishing division or program, an independent house looking to expand its growth, or anyone else seeking publishing industry expertise, The Jodee Blanco Group can help. We tailor-design our consulting packages to fulfill the specific needs of each client within their allotted budget. We don’t believe in rigidly structured, cookie-cutter consulting packages as every client has different circumstances and requirements. The moment you turn to us, we go into creative brainstorming mode, listening intently to your needs, considering every variable involved, and then, suggesting an approach that we’re confident will work best for you specifically.

Though every account is structured differently, outlined below are the two basic formats we offer clients:

On-Site Consulting Sessions

The Jodee Blanco Group will come to your offices for a pre-determined number of days (can be anywhere from one day to a week depending upon the size and scope of the project) and conduct an on-site assessment. We can cover the gamut from editorial, marketing, publicity and promotion to sales, distribution, production and design, operations and finances. Or we can focus on specific areas as requested. Our objective will be to determine where improvements are required and what those improvements should be. Then we’ll recommend specific changes, and work with you and your staff on developing a plan of action to begin incorporating those changes into your day to day activities.

Teleconference Consulting Sessions

For new or small companies or companies with a single, specific need, it may be more efficient for us to consult via telephone conferencing rather than on-site. In that instance, we would arrange for a series of telephone discussions over a pre-determined period to answer questions, provide solutions, map plans, to solve a well-articulated problem. Telephone conferences tends to work best when the client knows exactly what they need and is seeking the most efficient, cost-effective and direct route to fixing the problem.

Post-Consultation Opportunities

At the conclusion of any consulting project, we will provide a written report. Additionally, clients may opt for regularly scheduled telephone sessions to troubleshoot and review progress.