Creating Your Own PR Department

The Jodee Blanco Group works with companies interested in establishing their own in-house PR department or who wish to revamp an existing department. Though each project is different, typically our approach involves three to four phases, outlined below. Of course, a client may bring us in at any stage of the process, depending upon their needs.

Creating and Developing an In-House PR Department

In Phase One, we perform an intensive analysis and assessment of the company relevant to the objectives for this new PR department, interviewing the client and his/her designees on what they envision this department should be: staff size and experience level; budgets and salaries; department structure; delineation of duties and responsibilities; communications policies and procedures. Phase one is an exploratory process that ensures everyone is on the same page and allows The Jodee Blanco Group to amass the necessary knowledge to assemble a PR department designed to exceed expectations.

Phase Two commences with the submission of a written report outlining our overall recommendations, based on the information gathered above. During this phase, we’re in intensive creative mode, going back and forth with the client, taking in their suggestions and feedback, continually refining specifics until all critical questions have been addressed and answered. Once everyone has come to an agreement, we submit a final recommendations report, which will serve as the plan of action.

Phase Three, we begin the recruitment process, interviewing potential staff, narrowing it down to the strongest, most talented candidates. We provide a written report with observations about each potential candidate and our suggestions on who we think should be hired and why. Then, we arrange interviews with the client to meet them and once everything is approved and final decisions made, the team is hired.

Phase Four is training and indoctrination.

PR Department Revamps and Reorganizations:

If you’re a company looking to overhaul your PR division, The Jodee Blanco Group can come in and assist with every aspect of the challenge, from assessing strengths and weaknesses and providing specific recommendations on improvements, to redesigning the entire infrastructure of the department including but not limited to communications policies and procedures, budget allocations, individual duties and responsibilities, measuring department performance, output and expectations, among other elements.

Simply put, if you want changes made to an existing PR department, or need someone to inject your PR team with a renewed sense of focus and purpose, The Jodee Blanco Group can transform even the most sluggish PR engine into a productive, well-oiled machine.