Professional Training

The Jodee Blanco Group works with publicists and public relations professionals at all skill levels, helping them to master their craft. We train one-on-one, as well as offering private “publicity boot camps,” for entire departments on any and all aspects of publicity and public relations execution ranging from motivational sessions to the teaching of specific tactics and techniques.

We recognize that if you’re the owner/manager of a busy PR firm or department, your time is precious, and one of the biggest hurdles you may encounter is training your people. Raw talent with great promise may be the most prudent hiring choice for your bottom line, but carving out the hours to develop those employees’ skills may cost you in the long run, taking you away from other more pressing executive duties.

This is where The Jodee Blanco Group comes in. We’re a resource and support system for public relations and publicity practitioners. We will take select members of your team and transform them from struggling young publicists to seasoned professionals through our fast-track training program. We will work with staff on an individual basis or in groups. We can train them in general areas of PR implementation as well as prepare them for a specific campaign including but not limited to helping them to write the pitch letters and press materials, research the media and assemble the contact lists. We will also coach them on their delivery of the pitch and refine their email, social media and phone pitching style to insure maximum results.

In addition to developing young, new talent, The Jodee Blanco Group works directly with owners and managers, offering tailored training and coaching in everything from staff motivation, operations and logistics, and how to salvage an account in jeopardy, to how to grow the business and bring in more clients.

No matter what the challenge, we can provide practical strategies and solutions through hands-on training. Below is a partial list of some of the areas we offer training services in. Bear in mind this is a partial list only, and we can design a training package tailored to your particular needs:

  • How to increase the quality and quantity of media placements for any given project
  • Crisis management response techniques—how to avoid common mistakes and turn disaster into opportunity
  • How to write more effective press kits
  • How to plan and execute a successful media tour/press junket
  • How to do media research without purchasing costly lists or subscribing to expensive services
  • Press Conferences 101—understanding how they work, when and when not to use them, and how to pull them off effectively
  • How to plan and execute a successful comeback campaign for a public figure
  • How to reinvent a brand or personality
  • How to rebuild a corporate or individual reputation marred by scandal
  • How to manage the “nightmare client“
  • How to teach your client the art of being a good media interview
  • Operations and logistics—how to set up a PR department, establish project budgets, maintain updated media lists, among all other components of running an efficient PR operation
  • Internal communications policies and procedures—setting up a viable system and training staff on adherence
  • Assessing departmental performance, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and creating and administering an action plan

If you’re in the public relations or publicity field, whether you’re the owner or manager of a firm, or the head of an in-house department, we can maximize your value as an asset to those you represent.

The Jodee Blanco Group is not a publicity firm. We do not pitch the media nor procure placements. We are a consulting and training company. Individual results may vary. We do not guarantee increased media placements