The Facts in Brief

Author and twenty-five year entertainment and publishing veteran Jodee Blanco understands the art of creating bestsellers. She is the author of two New York Times bestselling memoirs, Please Stop Laughing At Me…, and Ryan O’Neals Both of Us: My Life with Farrah. Before she began writing, she was one of the top book publicists in the country. She’s also agented and acquired titles for publishing houses, one of which, The China Study, has sold over a million copies. In addition to her knowledge of the book business, she founded and ran a national PR firm with offices in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles that handled major motion pictures, television shows, and celebrities. For a more detailed bio, please click on this link.

Why Jodee Blanco Stands Out Among Other Co-Authors

When Jodee Blanco throws herself into a book, she knows what bookstore buyers like, what motivates readers to gravitate to certain books over others, and what will capture the media’s interest, and she weaves that cross-section of knowledge into every aspect of the writing/editorial phase. When working with someone on a memoir or autobiography, she approaches the collaborative process from the perspective of narrative and character, as well as works with the subject on what he/she specifically wants the book to achieve above and beyond sales. Some may need a vehicle to reposition their career or redeem their reputation in the wake of scandal; others may wish to commemorate their legacy; still others may wish to celebrate or explore an aspect of their lives, readers would find fascinating. Then there’s the celebrity who wants a platform to launch the next phase of their lives or career. Whatever the inspiration, Jodee Blanco will help that person create a powerful, engaging book that answers the question for the subject “why has my life mattered.”