Co-Authoring / Publishing

We approach books from an unprecedented perspective, that when a book is written, it should be a means to an end, not just an end in and of itself.

We help clients harness the power of the book as a career vehicle. We develop and co-author major titles for high-visibility personalities, provide consulting services to clients involved in book projects, and assist clients who are new to the publishing process and want to maximize results. Whether you’re a celebrity or important national figure who wants to write a book, a CEO who wishes to pen a memoir, or someone with an extraordinary story to tell, we will work with you to create an engaging and well-written book that not only has the potential to succeed commercially, but more importantly, to be the platform you need to accomplish a crucial objective.

Even in today’s world of the internet, the cell phone, and 24 hour a day television, the book remains the most convincing and influential way to command attention, record a history, establish or resurrect a reputation, as well as sway public opinion. It is also a physical fact and has a permanence that no other communication medium has. It carries with it a singular status and prestige, credibility, presumed truth, and a willingness to compete in the marketplace of ideas. We not only understand the authority of books, we create and co-author books with clients that enable them to use that authority to take their careers to the next level.

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